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Noni Roots




Properties, effects: Noni roots is considered a mild laxative effect and long-term, mild diuretic, soothing nerves on the sympathetic nervous system, lowers blood pressure. Noni fruit is laxative and diuretic. Leaves are tonic and antipyretic effects, soothe and economic.


Uses: Noni roots are used to treat high blood pressure and treating aches limbs and back pain, tetanus. Noni leaves used to treat dysentery, diarrhea, fever and eating soup for appointment. Used outside the pounding up healing wounds, sores quickly new skin. Leaf is used treatment of arthritis cause pain. Covers boiling water for postpartum women taking supplements. Noni fruit dotted with salt as easy to digest, and the business as a drug, treatment haemorrhage, white zone. Edible fruit cooked in treating dysentery, cough, colds, use for people with diabetes and edema.

Dosage: root creased 30-40g; leaves 8-10g.


1. High Blood Pressure: Use 30-40g daily Noni roots excellent drink instead of tea, after 15 days will see the results, then reduce dose, continuous oral months, blood pressure stable. Can cook high, or diced, Golden Star soaked in alcohol.

2. Back pain, muscle aches limbs: dried Noni fruit, Noni roots or young Noni fruit, sliced, soaked in alcohol gradually, day drinking a cup.

3. People often use the leaves as vegetable soup eel feed for cattle. Children often get to eat.

(Under traditional medicine)


We specialize in the supply of products from fruits such as dried Noni, Noni juice, Noni fruit powder, honey creased. Especially because there are so many people used the roots creased remarkably effective in the treatment of disease: the blood vessels, excluding arthritis numb aches, low blood pressure, treatment of nervous tension, treatment insomnia and product requirements, we have worked hard to source this material you bring this product contributes to community health care

Price: $ 7 / 0.5 kg.

How to use:

Creased root can be used to color or soak up alcohol.

Creased chopped dried root, yellow star (about 1/2 kg), soaked with 2 liters of wine within 20 days, small meal in a glass.

Creased root chopped dried, every 30 - 40 gr dark cooking drink instead of water all day. After a round of drinks from 10 - 15 days, check the effect on the body, the amount of root creased slowly and continuous drinking from 40 - 100 days.

Special: Deliver to functional product corporations from NONI.
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