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Noni Powder

Noni Powder  

+ Product name: Noni Powder (500g) - Black Green Box
+ Product code: 09AX
+ Product unit: Bottle
+ Product price: Contact
+ Nutrition facts:
100% of Noni Fruit
+ Application:
Pain & Arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive disorder, clean blood, prevent cancer, beautiful skin, combat senelity.
+ Use:
Compounding with hot water to drink (1 spoons coffee Noni Powder, mix with 50 ml hot water. Three time a day.) Being material to product soap, toothpaste, cosmetics.

09AX1 box 500g - Package 10 boxes /pack


* Introduction about Huong Thanh Noni

Noni of a gift God to Human
In addition to known curative effects on common illnesses such as pain, rheumatism, fatigue NONI is now recognized as being beneficial in the treatment of the following ailments:
+ Diabetes
+ High Blood pressure
+ Cancer
+ Depression
+ Respiratory diseases
+ Ageing
+ Digestive troubles
+ Cardiac problems, etc...

During the last 10 years, NONI juice is increasingly popular in the USA and Japan.

In Viet Nam, although NONI has a distant origin as a traditional medicine, it remains unknown to many people. This kind of tree is easy to grow and possesses numerous medicinal values. Its marvellous properties when put into practical use can represent a promising source of income to our country and an efficient tonic for our health as well.

Since the year 2002, our products have been supplied to some American, Korea, Australia. Thanks to the outstanding quality of our products we were awarded 5 Gold Medals by the Vietnamese high - quality Goods Fair Committee in 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2004 - 2005 in Ho Chi Minh City. On 2007 Huong Thanh Company achieved certificate of ISO 9001:2000/HACCP from NQA & Ukas.

* Product is distributed by THAI HUNG NONI

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- Noni pill

- Noni powder

- Noni tea

- Noni soap

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