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Noni Fruit with Diabetes

Noni Fruit with Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the body can not synthesize enough active ingredient insulin, or cells can not use insulin to regulate blood sugar. Due to lack of insulin, glucose accumulates in the blood and the urine eventually go out into the diabetes.

Diabetes causes narrowing of tiny blood vessels throughout the body. The higher the blood sugar, the more small blood vessels narrow. At this stage, transporting blood to the organs is reduced, leading to complications: kidney failure, leg wounds difficult to heal, eye damage ..... Also, diabetes also increases cholesterol, create plaque in blood vessels, causing obesity, high blood pressure and risk for heart disease significantly.


There are two possible diabetes:
- Type 1: insulin-dependent. This type must take insulin daily to control blood sugar.
- Type 2: non-insulin dependent. This type of widespread, accounting for 85 to 90% of diabetes cases. However, can control blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetes by diet combined with oral medications to increase insulin efficiency with the use of physical activity daily.

Use Noni (Noni) help fight diabetes in the US

In 1996, 4-year-old boy with diabetes JOSH. RBC HbAlc test is of JOSH is 14%. Ordinary people is 6.4%, diabetics have good control capabilities from 7.5 to 8.5%, if more than 10% is being complicated special needs care. Conclusion of Endocrinologists after a year of treatment for JOSH, patients remained unchanged.

On the advice of friends, parents JOSH doctor recommended treatment for children drank Noni juice supplement on daily prescriptions. Bs asked about Noni juice components. JOSH parents explained and agreed to try Bs. JOSH been drinking Noni juice every day 30ml creased.

Three months later, JOSH be brought back to Bs to meet the test. The result is a concentration of JOSH HbAlc
was reduced to 7.1%. Everyone was surprised and began to pay attention to Noni juice, especially the working group of experts in diabetes science.

In the brochure Natural gift Noni fruit (Noni fruit) for ISA diabetics Navarre, referring to 10 methods to help control diabetes.

According to Dr. Steven M Hall, type 2 diabetes is due to the perceived division in cells for a reason or another, are inactivated, no proper response to insulin. Noni can help this department work again, make the body has the ability to adjust the amount of sugar in the blood. But that does not necessarily Noni cure diabetes, but Noni helped stabilize blood sugar. So far no drug yet so effective without side effects. Noni also helps diabetics avoid
be serious consequences like damaged eyes, kidney failure, palsied legs ....

Type 1 diabetes is due to insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed. This type of autoimmune disease. Noni can help prevent this disease, but can not be fully adjusted when patients blood sugar have occurred. However, Noni still remaining can help insulin work better, support for other systems of the body, helping patients avoid long term negative consequences of diabetes listed above.

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