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Make Noni Juice a Part of the Health Care Regimen for the Elderly

A direct ramification of improving lifestyles and the leaps and bounds by which science and medicine have scaled the technological heights, is increased life expectancy. With more and more people among us living to become octogenarians, organized care for the elderly has become important.

Old age is in itself an affliction, as it brings with it Decline in faculties such as poor eyesight, deafness, weak or no teeth, poor digestion, pain, joint swelling and inflammation and so on. A general decline in health, growing physical incapacity, and add to that mental ill-health brought on by loss of spouse or any other bereavements witnessed throughout life, simply goes on to add years to life than adding life to years!

Eating healthy and nutritious food: Balance and variety in food is important for the elderly as it is for anyone else. Eating healthy leads to an active mind and body, which further prevents falls, and helps maintain a healthy body weight. Do follow a doctors and dieticians advice when it comes to following specific diets. Eat regularly, drink plenty of fluids, foods rich in starch and fibre, foods rich in iron, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and Vitamin D. Reduce salt intake as well as that of fatty and sugary food. Avoid sudden weight loss or weight gain and immediately consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health.


Fitness and Exercise: Staying active comes from regular physical exercise that lowers risks of health problems, helps one remain independent for longer, and makes for better sleep at night. In case you suffer from heart trouble, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, arthritis or other bone and joint problems, are very overweight or underweight, do check with your doctor for an exercise regimen you are to follow and some particular exercises you are better off without.


Quit Smoking: It’s never too late to quit smoking and to begin living a healthier, smoke-free life.


Falls and Bone Health: Falling in old age is life-threatening. It not only affects mobility and fitness, it leads to loss of independence. Hence, physical fitness is important, as it improves muscle tone, helps maintain balance, and recuperate sooner even if the fall occurs. Good fitness levels help avoid and minimize injuries. To prevent falls, you need to maintain flexibility, agility, mobility and independence. It is also important for the elderly to develop a sense of well-being, inner peace and happiness.


Old age with its diseases, slow down of metabolism and more, impairs the capacity of the elderly to maintain a healthy nutritional status. With poor immune responses and high risks of infection, it becomes necessary for older people to allow their immune system to benefit from vitamins A, C, and E, and zinc and selenium, singly or as multi-nutrient supplements. The best way to take all the nutrients and more would be in the form of an easily digestible health drink that has no side effects. What else than Noni juice?